U.S.A. Floods

A Call to Repentance

At the end of July Billy Graham, now 93, published an open letter to America calling for repentance in the face of threatening judgement. In his letter, “My heart aches for America” Billy Graham said he recalled how his late wife, Ruth, once expressed concerns about the “nation’s terrible downward spiral” – exclaiming, “If God doesn’t punish America, He’ll have to apologise to Sodom and Gomorrah”. He went on to say that he wondered what Ruth would think of the country today where “self-centred indulgence, pride, and lack of shame over sin are now emblems of the American lifestyle”. Read more

The World Power Struggle

Last week I was at a three day world prayer conference with a powerful input from Open Doors on persecuted Christians. These occasions are always enlightening and challenging. The world is getting “smaller” in the sense that increased information enables us to get a sort of “world feel”. I think that is crucial for Christians’, particularly as we learn of thousands of people across the world finding faith in Jesus every day that passes. “A light for the Gentiles” is Isaiah’s great prophetic word concerning Jesus, and this is being remarkably fulfilled in our times. Read more

The Security of Israel

The Israeli Prime Minister has been in Washington for talks with President Obama this week. The subject for discussion was Iran’s growing nuclear threat. The Israelis want an assurance that the U.S. will not go soft on stopping Iran getting a nuclear bomb. President Ahmadinejad of Iran openly denies the historicity of the Holocaust and equally openly preaches the cause of the total obliteration of Israel. His rival political figure, Supreme Leader Khamenei, takes a similar line. It’s a very jittery time for Israel, with half its people calling for a “strike” on Iran and half of them dreading the consequences. Is such a strike actually feasible? Would it backfire? It’s a situation that looks well beyond human wisdom. Read more

The Power and Hope of the Gospel

I mentioned a fortnight ago that my local church is engaged in a month of prayer over January. My own involvement has been in leading prayer for the world. The research and reading behind that world prayer (much of it from “Operation World”) has given me a fresh sense of spiritual hope as we walk into a very uncertain year ahead. Two of the areas of the world we have majored on in prayer have been China and Africa (China having the larger population!). When we look back over the last century we find that, from the point of view of the gospel and the growth of the church, both these areas show something quite staggering, something that releases a deep joy.

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