It is now some three to four years since I last published a blog, though one or two old blogs have been republished in that time. So “Hello, again!” to any of you who used to follow the blog, and “Hello!” also to any new friends who have tuned in. My intention is to pick up again on the blogging, and hopefully to make it weekly, published on Wednesday.

Why the long break? One of the main reasons is that for those years I have had the privilege of helping with a church which has been working with Middle Eastern asylum seekers and witnessing a genuine touch of revival. It has been hard work and demanding but so very uplifting to see what God has been doing for these people right here in our own country. So many of these refugees have come to the Lord in amazing and miraculous fashion from quite devastating backgrounds and experiences. This has also brought home very vividly what God is doing by his Spirit in that devastated and war torn part of the world. It is God’s time of reaping in that very historic and absolutely strategic part of the world. What a privilege!

It was as though, during these years, God took me away from the prophetic burden of national judgement which had been on me for several years previously and which had produced all the pamphlet writing about judgement, and took me back to my fundamental ministry of many years which was to seek for and envision the church for revival. I first touched revival in Korea in the 1990s and now for these past few years I have touched it (though not on the grand scale -yet!) where I have always wanted to see it – in our own country. And I have also learned a lot which I hope I may in due course pass on.

But now in His providence I find myself re-settled in Cornwall and by “quiet waters”. After several months there, however, I am finding a growing compulsion and burden to reactivate the warnings of judgement and the web-site. I seem hemmed in to doing this. I really should not be surprised by this when I consider how much further moral chaos, nationally and internationally, there has been over these last four years. They have been years where the rejection of God has deepened very considerably indeed – and that can only reap one reward. God is very much concerned to warn!

The word of Judgement has not died; I believe it needs to be sounded again at this time.

However, I have always strongly held to the view that to talk of judgement is in no way to discount or eliminate the vision for revival by the Holy Spirit. On the contrary history clearly demonstrates that God has again and again broken out with revival in the midst of judgements or as a consequence of judgements. Literally thousands of people are finding out the truth of that at this very moment. So I am also concerned to bring the understanding and vision of revival much more into the focus of these blogs.

One last word. Alongside the blog I hope to bring in a new “Bible Page” which builds up biblical understanding on issues that the blog deals with. The first of these will appear two weeks from now.

Bob Dunnett