It was in the year 2000, after some years studying the Jewish prophets, that I first felt I must speak a message of a severe impending national judgement. I called it “The Amos Word”. Let me explain this “Amos word”. Prior to one of the worst national catastrophes that the Jews have ever suffered, namely […]


It is now some three to four years since I last published a blog, though one or two old blogs have been republished in that time. So “Hello, again!” to any of you who used to follow the blog, and “Hello!” also to any new friends who have tuned in. My intention is to pick up […]

The Resurrection of Jesus

This was first posted in April 2012. Personal Testimony I hope you won’t mind if I share a personal testimony with you on this occasion. I began the Easter period this year with a prayer that I might have a deeper grasp of the reality of the resurrection of Jesus. In the prevailing sceptical climate […]

The One Person

This post was first written in 2012 but is as relevant now as it has always been! “At the moment I am taking a bit of a break from “engaging” with the world in which we are living, so that though all sorts of things (important things) are happening in the world I am not […]


Looking Up One of the saddest aspects of city life is that we rarely think to look up at the sky. For one thing the city is always well lit up at night and we have no need of stars or moon. Indeed the cities of earth are all more visible from space than space […]