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The Resurrection of Jesus

This was first posted in April 2012. Personal Testimony I hope you won’t mind if I share a personal testimony with you on this occasion. I began the Easter period this year with a prayer that I might have a deeper grasp of the reality of the resurrection of Jesus. In the prevailing sceptical climate […]

The One Person

This post was first written in 2012 but is as relevant now as it has always been! “At the moment I am taking a bit of a break from “engaging” with the world in which we are living, so that though all sorts of things (important things) are happening in the world I am not […]


Looking Up One of the saddest aspects of city life is that we rarely think to look up at the sky. For one thing the city is always well lit up at night and we have no need of stars or moon. Indeed the cities of earth are all more visible from space than space […]

Easter Meditation

Quiet Reflection Easter is an extremely rich time spiritually, bringing into focus the death and resurrection of Jesus. But the rush and pleasure of the world tends to obliterate the need to spend time quietly and in sustained reflection on those two all important events. Quietness and meditation are not prime features of the pressurised […]

The Signs of His Coming – Part 2

To All Nations Jesus was very clear about the fact that the gospel would be preached in all the world before the end came (see previous blog on The Signs). He strengthened that prediction and added a further dimension to it with the words, “You will be handed over to be persecuted and put to […]

The Signs of His Coming – Part 1

The End of the Age A few days before he was crucified Jesus spoke prophetically and at some length about the course of history and the “signs of his coming and the end of the age”*. Some parts of his prophecy are not easy to grasp, but there are some statements which are very clear, […]

U.S.A. Floods

A Call to Repentance At the end of July Billy Graham, now 93, published an open letter to America calling for repentance in the face of threatening judgement. In his letter, “My heart aches for America” Billy Graham said he recalled how his late wife, Ruth, once expressed concerns about the “nation’s terrible downward spiral” […]

Chinese (non) Entertainment

Morality? The Economist magazine recently reported that “according to an order that took effect on Jan. 1st this year, China’s 34 satellite television stations must limit ‘excessive and vulgar content’”. The Economist noted that “compared with offerings in other countries, China’s television fare is already quite tame. Viewers looking for sex, nudity, gore or crude […]

The World Power Struggle

Last week I was at a three day world prayer conference with a powerful input from Open Doors on persecuted Christians. These occasions are always enlightening and challenging. The world is getting “smaller” in the sense that increased information enables us to get a sort of “world feel”. I think that is crucial for Christians’, […]

A Light to my Path

When I was converted to Jesus, I was given a powerful longing within for a godly and upright life. I was also given a natural desire to pray. Thirdly I was given a clear inward recognition that my bible was the word of life and would be an essential guide for my life. These I […]